Hokkaido Photogenic Night

Hokkaido Photogenic Night

【For supporting Hokkaido Eastern Iburi Earthquake Recovery.】

Hokkaido Photogenic Night 2019.
January 21st ~ Feb 15th in 2019

I would like to offer you a mystical Rantan event.
1700 of Rantan lighting will illuminate you.
It held to support Hokkaido Eastern Iburi Earthquake Recovery.
We have got heaps of supports by citizens of Tomakomai and who works at Tomakomai.

Before or even After you see the beautiful lights around the park, why don’t you spend a wonderful night with your family or partner at a downtown restaurant? Having delicious foods makes you smile and happy.
There are many nice restaurants at downtown in Tomakomai.

Illumination light show
Izumo park
Address:Tomakomaishi,Nishiki machi,2chome-5chome,